Convention Time!

County conventions are an amazing way to get to know local Democratic candidates, elected officials, party officials, and other local Democrats.  If you want to get involved politically this year, or if you just want to know more about the candidates running for office, we hope you’ll attend the Lee County Democratic Convention.

The convention is at the Lee County Courthouse (1400 Horner Blvd.) at 10:00am on Saturday, April 5.  Come early, though, and enjoy our refreshments!  Convention delegates have a few things to vote on, and our candidates will have a few minutes each to speak.  And, you’ll find out about new ways to get involved politically in Lee County.  There’s a lot to do this year, and we hope you’ll help!

We think that democracy works best when voters are informed.  If you’re a Democrat in Lee County, we hope you won’t pass up this chance to help us work together!

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Phone bank volunteers needed

We’re hoping for RECORD attendance at the Lee County Democratic Convention this year, and we need your help to achieve our goals.  Conventions are one of the best ways for area Democrats to connect with one another, and to meet with their candidates and elected officials.

We are hoping to find at least 5 volunteers willing to make phone calls to Democrats in the county on Thursday, April 3 at Democratic Headquarters.  We will start at 5:30pm and go until 8:00pm, but if you need to come late or leave early, that’s fine.  If you don’t mind using your own cell phone, that would be great, but we will have a few available for those without phones.

Thank you for volunteering to help!  Your efforts make a difference!


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Democratic Women to meet Tuesday

The Democratic Women of Lee County will meet on Tuesday, April 8 at Elizabeth’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant.

The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. Please come early if you plan to dine.

Mayor Chet Mann of Sanford will be the guest speaker.

For questions, please call Lynda F. Turbeville, President, at 919-776-9916.

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Democratic Women to meet March 11

The March meeting of Democratic Women of Lee County will be on Tuesday, March 11, at The Wilrik Hotel located at 152 S. Steele St. in downtown Sanford from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

This will be our “Meet and Greet” for Democratic candidates in the May Primary.  All Democratic candidates who are present will be introduced and given an opportunity to speak.

If you have not signed up to bring a dish, please call Lynda Turbeville at 919-776-9916.

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February and March Updates

Dear Lee Dems,

We have got updates galore for everyone. Much is happening, so let’s get right to it.

Rep. Robert Reives, II: Way to Go

The Lee County Democratic Party congratulates Robert Reives II for his recent appointment to the North Carolina House of Representatives.

He will fill the tern left vacant in NC House District 54 and will run to be the Democratic nominee for the seat in the May Democratic Primary. Robert received overwhelming support from Lee County and Chatham County in being named to this office.

Having Robert serve Chatham County and a portion of Lee County in the General Assembly is a reason for Lee County Democrats to be very proud.

Next Meeting: Feb. 25 at 5:00 pm at the New HQ
Robert will be the speaker at the upcoming meeting of the Lee County Democratic Party.

Please come to hear Robert and wish him well at the new party headquarters at 139 Chatham Street on Tuesday, February 25.

The meeting time is 5 P.M., an earlier time than our usual 6:30 P.M. time. Since this is the time of filing for the Democratic Primary that will be in May, there are also many candidates who will be on hand to be recognized as well.

Meet the Candidates: March 11 at 6:00 pm
The Democratic Women of Lee County will be hosting the Meet the Candidates Reception at the Wilrik Hotel Ballroom on Tuesday, March 11, at 6 P.M.

All of the Democratic candidates on the Lee County ballot are being extended an invitation to speak for a few minutes and then have an opportunity to talk informally and mingle with the crowd.

In addition to Lee County candidates in local races, candidates will also be attending who are seeking to replace Senator Ron Rabin in NC Senate District 12, Representative Mike Stone in NC House District 51, and Representative Renee Ellmers in US House 2nd District. Judicial candidates are also being invited.

Traditionally, this reception has been a great time for Lee County Democrats to hear and meet candidates and enjoy wonderful food that is always a part of this event. This reception will be very nice, so plan to come to show support for the candidates and to have a great time as the 2014 Democratic Primary campaigns are launched.

2014 Elections: Our Time to Turn Left
The Lee County Democratic Party is gearing up for the 2014 elections, and it will take all of us working as hard as we can to get Democrats elected to represent us in Lee County, North Carolina, and in Washington.

In addition to the Republicans on the Lee County Board of Commissioners, we need to replace Mike Stone, Ron Rabin and Renee Ellmers, and we must keep Kay Hagan as our U.S. Senator. Senator Hagan’s reelection is one of the most crucial Senate races because the Democrats may only hold on to the majority if she wins in North Carolina. The Koch Brothers alone are pouring millions of dollars in to the North Carolina Senate race, and it will take a huge grassroots effort to overcome the amount of money being spent against Senator Hagan. The good news is that more and more people are becoming aware of the seriousness of the 2014 election results.

Progressive Activists of Lee County:New Group. Bettering Lee County.
Jay Calendine, one of our most active Democrats, is trying to get as many people as possible involved, and he has had conversations with a lot of new people, including teachers, who want to become more active. He is holding a meeting at 6 PM. March 6, at the Lee County Democratic Headquarters.

This is the invitation that he has extended: I also want to take this opportunity to invite you to the very first meeting of Progressive Activists of Lee County. Our purpose and vision is to bring together the highest number of political activists possible, in order to provide key personnel and logistic support to Democratic candidates and issues. From letter-writing to door-to-door canvassing, and everything in between, our activities will be important to Democratic victory in 2014. Our first meeting is Thursday, March 6 at 6pm at the Lee County Democratic Party HQ (139 Chatham St.). Please come, and bring a friend!

Precinct Meetings: March 8 at 10:000 am at HQ
It’s time for our precincts to hold their 2014 organizational meetings.

The date for these meetings is Saturday, March 8, 10 A.M., at party headquarters.

Precinct officers will receive additional information, but please make an effort to attend these meetings.

The 10 precincts will meet together and then divide into individual precincts. Having active and organized precincts can be one of the most effective grassroots efforts in getting Democrats elected.

All Them Dates

While that’s quite a few dates and activities, here they are in sum.

February 25 (5:00 pm): Next Lee Dems meeting
March 6 (6:00 pm): Progressive Activists of Lee County meeting
March 8 (10:00 am): Precinct meetings
March 11 (6:00 pm): Meet the Candidates Reception

Our mailing address is:
PO Box 5011

Sanford, NC 27331
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Mayor to speak at women’s meeting

The Democratic Women of Lee County will meet on Tuesday, February 11, 2014, at Elizabeth’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant.

The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. Please come early if you plan to dine.

Chet Mann, Mayor of Sanford, will be the guest speaker.

For questions, please call Lynda F. Turbeville, President, at 919-776-9916.

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January Notes

Lee County Democratic Party Activists:

2014 is here, and 2014 is one of the most crucial years for Lee County and for our state. We must win back the county by electing Democrats to replace Commissioners Jim Womack, Charlie Parks, and Andre Knecht. Senator R. Rabin, Representative Mike Stone, and U.S. Representative Renee Ellmers also need to be to be replaced, and we need to reelect Senator Hagan to help keep a Democratic majority in the United States Senate. Good Democratic candidates are coming forward (Brad Salmon has already announced that he is running for the N.C.House District 51 seat held by Mike Stone), and we expect to have well qualified Democrats challenging the Republicans in every race.

Right now, however, we have an opportunity to support Robert Reives, a Lee County Democrat who has announced that he is a candidate for appointment to fill the NC House District 54 seat left vacant by the resignation of Deb McManus. Most of you already know of Robert’s candidacy from the newspapers, our website, Facebook, or from an email from Jan Tart. A committee of four people, two from Lee County and two from Chatham County, will select the person to fill out the remainder of the term, and Robert is the only candidate from Lee County. There are several from Chatham County. Since House District 54 includes only a part of Lee County, the two Chatham County members have the majority of votes. John Kirkman and Jimmy Love, the two Lee County members, are, of course, supporting Robert. We can help by sending emails in support of Robert to the Chatham County members. They are Jan Nichols ( and Joshua Kricker ( Robert will be a superb representative in the North Carolina General Assembly, and will, if appointed, run for the seat in the next election. Although anybody interested in the House 54 seat can still contact the committee at this address (, Robert declared his intention early in the process and has already garnered widespread support from Lee County Democrats. The North Carolina House 54 Executive Committee (the selection committee) is having its first meeting with the candidates tomorrow, Saturday, January 11, at the historic Chatham County Courthouse at 10 AM. The public is invited, and it would be great to have people from Lee County in attendance. Please let me know if there are any questions.

Here are some more updates from the Lee County Democratic Party:

New Headquarters at 139 Chatham Street
We have just moved two doors down from our old headquarters on Chatham Street to a much larger and nicer space at 139 Chatham. Please thank Mark Coggins, John Kirkman, Bob Finch, and Webb McCracken for doing an amazing job of vacating the old space and getting everything moved to the new one. It will take some time to get everything in order and up and running, but it is very exciting to have more room.

Grand Opening in February
Since we had to make the unexpected move in January, we will put our energies into getting our headquarters in “party” shape and wait until February for our grand opening. We will also use this event as a time to invite Harnett County Democrats to join us. Chris Rey, our District 2 Chair, has also asked to have a meet and greet in Lee County for the Democratic candidates who will be running in the primary for the opportunity to oppose Renee Ellmers in the November election. I think we can manage to do that as well at our grand opening on Tuesday, February 25.

Democratic Women of Lee County
The January meeting will be at Elizabeth’s Pizza on Tuesday, January 14, at 6:30 PM (go earlier fi you want to eat first). Robert Reives will be the speaker.

North Carolina State Executive Committee Meting and the Sanford Hunt Frye Dinner, Saturday, February 1
In addition to the meeting of the SEC, a dinner honoring the late Senator Sanford, former Governor Hunt, and former Chief Justice Henry Frye, will be held in the evening. Both events are at the Charlotte Convention Center, and information for the dinner can be found at: Last year, Justice Frye and Governor Hunt spoke, and everybody left with a renewed sense of urgency to get our state back in to the hands of Democrats.

State of Conflict: a video about the political state of North Carolina produced and narrated by Bill Moyers
If you want to see why 2014 is so crucial to the future of North Carolina and why we must do everything we can to elect Democrats, please take a look at this video.

From now until Election Day in November, the Lee County Democratic Party’s agenda will be full. We’ll keep you posted, and please know that we need everybody’s help!

Thank you.

Ann McCracken, chairwoman

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Democratic Women Meet Jan. 14

The Democratic Women of Lee County will meet on Tuesday, January 14, 2014, at Elizabeth’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant.

The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. Please come early if you plan to dine. Robert T. Reives, II, Sanford attorney, will be the guest speaker. Mr. Reives is seeking the recently vacated seat for N.C. House District 54.

For questions, please call Lynda F. Turbeville, President, at 919-776-9916.

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Want to know how they’re filling McManus’ position?

Visit this link for info about the selection process for filling the vacancy in North Carolina House 54.

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Selecting a replacement for Deb McManus

Several weeks ago, the news of Representative Deb McManus’s resignation was very difficult for Democrats in North Carolina House District 54 and in North Carolina. We had worked so hard for her election, and we were so proud of how she had represented us in the General Assembly.  The following is a statement sent to the Sanford Herald:


The Lee County Democratic Party is proud to have had Deb McManus represent us in the North Carolina General Assembly.  Her long service as a member of the Chatham County Board of Education  and her passion for education and teachers qualified her to become an advocate for public North Carolina. She had begun to make an impact in the General Assembly in education, voting rights, women’s rights, and other issues she cared about, and her voice will be missed.  We are grateful for her service and respect her decision to resign her office as representative of the 54th District.
Since the resignation of Representative McManus left a vacancy in House District 54, Lee County has been involved in selecting her replacement. The North Carolina House 54 Executive Committee is responsible for selecting a person to fill the remainder of her term.  This committee is made up of two members from Chatham County and two from Lee County. Since only a small part of Lee County is in District 54, however, the two Chatham County members have approximately 85% of the votes.  Jimmy Love and John Kirkman, and James French (alternate) were elected to the House 54 Executive Committee, according to the North Carolina Democratic Party rules, by a Lee County committee made up of the chairs and vice-chairs of the five county precincts that are in District 54 (A-1, A-2, B-1, B-2, and E-2).  Lee County will be well represented by these outstanding Democrats, and the first meeting was held on December 27.
A number of people are interested in filling the remainder of the District 54 term, and their names have been submitted to the committee by themselves or by others. Our own Robert Reives ll has declared his candidacy, and the others are from Chatham County. If anybody is interested in the House seat or has a suggestion for someone to serve, he or she should use the email address to submit information. This email address should also be used to express support for Robert Reives.
It is imperative that House District 54 remain Democratic, and it is equally imperative for more Democrats to be elected to the North Carolina General Assembly. Certainly MIke Stone does not represent the values of most people in Lee County, and he needs to be replaced.  Three Lee County commissioners, Jim Womack, Charlie Parks, and Andre Knecht,  can also be replaced by Democrats. Brad Salmon has declared his candidacy for House Seat 51, and several people are coming forth to challenge Rene Ellmers in U.S. House District 2.  Senator Hagan is also up for reelection, and the U.S.Senate needs to keep its Democratic majority.  Democratic candidates in Lee County were successful in 2012, and the fact that all four seats in the recent 2013 municipal election stayed Democratic was very encouraging. However, the Lee County Democratic Party needs to hit the ground running to achieve even greater success in 2014. We solicit and welcome support from all Democrats so that we can return to a county and state governed by public servants who will work for the common good.

Ann McCracken, chairwoman
The Lee County Democratic Party

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